Wine Comparison Event

Sunday, March 1, 2015 | Limited Space – Reserve Today!

$25 per person | Reservations required
Reservations scheduled by the hour
Includes: Fireplace Room and Light Fare!

2009 – Cellar Collection
Vintners Reserve $69

he 2009 was an ideal season. AS close as possible to a “Typical”
season. Not too hot, not cold. Not too dry, not wet. Nice and average
conditions – which all of our varietal grapes love in Virginia.
Cases Produced: 230 | pH: 3.5 | Alcohol: 13.9%

2011 – Cellar Collection
Vintners Reserve $69

2011 was a very challenging year. The rains were consistent, heavy
and we experienced a lot of cloud cover that made our vineyard sites
very challenging. We learned very much in 2011. The time we
harvested and our viticulture practices really came into play. Our
team experimented, took notes and fought thru the harvest. 2011 has
educated and prepared my team for future years that may be similar.
Cases Produced: 300 | pH: 3.11 | Alcohol: 14.1%

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