Celebrating 10 years!

Chateau O’Brien is celebrating 10 years!

10 years ago, I put up the Chateau O’Brien sign and walked thru these doors not knowing what journey I may encounter! It has been a memorable experience! Each and every day is so different! I can only remember the happiest of moments – the love and laughter! Even me yelling to shut the front door over the years!

My winery has taught me some of the most valuable lessons of my life! It has groomed me to live in the moment!

I thank God!

To all my loyal clients over the years, thank you from the bottom of my heart. All of you have made this possible! You are my fuel to keep challenging myself and Chateau O’Brien! I have so many wonderful friends that the winery allowed me to meet over these years!

To all of my current staff and past staff thank you for all your dedication! Thanks Pascal! Thanks Franck LeBouche!  To the Stribling Family from Stribling Orchard, thank you for being my neighbors and allowing me to use your apples to make the best Apple Wine in the world! Thank you as well the Green Family from Heartlands! Jim Harpster is the best handyman I know and a great friend that has seen a lot of changes over the years at the winery and with me as well!

To my daughter, April, Buddy, Judy, mom & dad, my sisters, my close friends (you know who are) thank you for supporting me thru the good and challenging times!

I am looking forward to another 10 years with all of you!

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