Tropical Tamarind BBQ Sauce

bottlesExplosive flavors combined with our wine.

With explosive flavors, this sauce pairs well with just about any food and our wine.  It’s great for grilling, sauteing, as a marinade or a dipping sauce!

This sensational Tropical Tamarind BBQ sauce features a combination of sour, sweet, spicy, tangy, and smokey flavors. The sauce has an array of tropical flavors; pineapple, cherry, ginger, orange, scotch bonnetand the star of the sauce, the tamarind.

Crackpot Kitchen Tropical Tamarind BBQ sauce is available in 18.5 ounce bottles and is created by Turks and Caicos Islands’ award-winning chef and Culinary Ambassador, Chef Nik.  This delicious BBQ cause combines the tropical flavors of cherry, pineapple, ginger, orange, scotch, bonnet, and the start of the sauce, tamarind for an authentic Caribbean flavor.

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